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Here's a short video of a tour of the DIRT PIT near my home. The PIT is enormous and will eventually be a LAKE. One of my friend's named it "LAKE LOUISE!" HA!


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Do you ever have little adventures when you run errands and stuff? I sure do. Sometimes they are fun, and sometimes not so much fun.

An Interesting Day

Yesterday, as a case in point, was an interesting day. Had an appointment early that morning and got to drive through FOG! In Texas we periodically get heavy early morning fog. It comes when the ground is warmer than the air, or the air is warmer than the ground. Our daytime temps have been in the low nineties lately, so maybe the ground was warmer than the air. Either way, I do not like to drive in the fog.

I got there safely, and after my appointment I went to the pet food store to get cat food. My cats are very finicky and will only eat certain brands. DUH! Are your cats like that? Sure hope not. My late husband use to tell me about my cats - “They hungry, they eat!” Alas, I’m a sucker and chose to let them ‘train’ me as to what they eat; much like some children ‘train’ their parents to do their ‘beck and call!’​

On the way home I noticed the ‘tire’ symbol had popped on in my dashboard. OH, MY! Something must be wrong with one of my tires! So off I went to a different town to the Discount Tire Store. The young men (To me, anyone under 50 is YOUNG!) who work there are always so nice to me. I do have to admit I played the 'little old lady trick,’ as my Momma used to call it – I acted helpless and clueless as to what was wrong – but it was TRUE. I didn't know what was wrong! One of the men kindly checked the air in all my tires, added a few pounds and said I was good to go. The little light on my dashboard had disappeared. Aren’t men wonderful! They just know so much about mechanical things. WHEEE!​

Then I went to the bank to discuss my account. I waited in the lobby and when it was my turn a young woman called, “LOUIS?” (Using just a person’s FIRST name like that is NOT appropriate in my book, unless they know me. I’m of the old school and prefer to be addressed as Mrs. Dewey.) I was the only person in the lobby except for an older couple seated across from me, and they had just left her office so she knew it was not them she was addressing. She looked right at me as she said “Louis?” She knew I was a ‘girl,’ so why did she call me “Louis?” Doesn’t make good sense to me.​

I have spent half my life answering to ‘Louis’ at doctor’s offices and such. It seems the ‘E’ on Louise is invisible to a lot of folks – don’t understand it, so I just answer to ‘Louis.’ They don’t even seem to be surprised to see a woman rise and walk toward them. HUH?!?!​

Dale Carnegie Book

                                                                                                  Most people do not understand HOW IMPORTANT it is to call people by their correct name. Dale Carnegie, in his bestselling book HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE,* said, “Remember that a man’s [woman’s] name is to him [her] the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” I think I will start signing in at appointments as ‘Lady Lou’ from now on and see how that works! HA! Wish me luck!                                                                                                                     *If you would like to order a copy of this great book click on this link to Amazon - You may order a hardcover, paperback, or audio version here. ​

Wonder if my today will also be an interesting day? What will happen??? Bring it on, but only the fun stuff, please!​

See you next time right here,

Lady Lou,

The Baby Boomer Babe

Lady Lou

                                                                         P. S                                                                                                                                     When I went to Google to get that photo of Dale Carnegie on the front cover of his bestselling book - HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE, I found this great quote. It made my day and I though you would enjoy it, too.

Dale Carnegie quote

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