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Here's a short video of a tour of the DIRT PIT near my home. The PIT is enormous and will eventually be a LAKE. One of my friend's named it "LAKE LOUISE!" HA!


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The Baby Boomer Babe!

Well, here I go!. I’m reinventing myself, AGAIN! I love doing this. After all, my middle name is MSU! (That stands for ‘Make Stuff Up.’ I am very good at that!) I am now The Baby Boomer Babe!

The Baby Boomer Babe!

I have officially adopted the title, Lady Lou, ‘The Baby Boomer Babe!’ Yes, I know, generally a BABE is a young, sexy woman. Well, guess what? I ain’t young and I don’t consider myself all that sexy. But, that’s okay. I can still be a BABE, don’t ya think?

Lady Lou, The Baby Boomer Babe!

This is a photo of me, taken last week when I attended a wonderful 3-day conference in Houston, hosted by Michele Scism. This is the second time I have attended this event – TAKE ACTION – GET PROFIT$, and I fully intend to go again next year. Michele's website is – www.decisiveminds.com. Click on the link and be sure to sign up for her ‘freebie.’ This also puts you on the e-mail list to receive her very informative e-mails. 

This photo was also taken at the conference – left to right, Jena Rodrigues, Lynn Ruby, Marian LaSalle, Lady Lou, and Renu Agrawal. We are all vital and powerful businesswomen!​

The Baby Boomer Babe! at Michele Scism's conference

The ‘rest of the story’

This is the rest of my story... The week before I attended Michele’s event I created a vision for helping people, especially those of my generation, stay active, happy and productive. I include all those folks over 50, even though I am WAY over 50 myself. I feel my life experiences qualify me to share with others what I have learned. After all, we do not have to make all the mistakes in the world. We can learn from others, and lighten our own load. 

While I was at Michele's event, she and two of her wonderful coaches, Lynn Ruby and Debbie O'Grady, really helped me hone in on what and how I am to proceed with my new passion. They even helped me come up with my title - 'The Baby Boomer Babe!' THANK YOU, LADIES!

Definitions of people I have chosen to serve

  • Baby Boomers – Those who were born between 1946 and 1964 (Ages from 50 to 68.)
  • The Traditionalists – those born prior to 1946 (People approaching or already in their 70's or 80's. They have more free time to have fun and even start new businesses.)

Other Generations

  • Generation X – those born between 1965 and 1979 (These people are 35 to 49 and may find my information interesting.)
  • Generation Y – those born between 1980 and 2000 (They are 14 to 34 and may be too young to follow me.)
  • The Post Millennial – those born from 2001 to the present (They are 13 and younger - way too young to be following a granny like me. HA!)

“Act your age”

By reinventing myself as ‘The Baby Boomer Babe,’ I intend to offer those over 50 new hope that they, too, can continue to enjoy a lively and fulfilling life. Too often folks over 50, 60, and 70+ feel their life is almost over. This is a BIG LIE! Just because your children are grown and gone, maybe you’ve lost your spouse to divorce or death, maybe you're retired, your friends have moved away, or you have chosen to withdraw from the world, does NOT mean your life is over! I will turn 70 in 2015, and feel younger than ever. You can, too! It's all a mindset, and you can change it.

AGE is only a number, and if you buy into being OLD, shame on you! Whenever someone says to me “Act your age,” I say, “Sure!” Because I feel like i'm only 40, and am darn proud of it! Maybe when I turn 90 I will act a bit more sedately, but I’m not making any promises! My motto is “STAY YOUNG BY STAYING ACTIVE!” And that includes keeping my mind sharp and my body active.

I invite you to share this blog link – www.RamblinwithLadyLou.com with those women and men in your life who may be looking for something new to spark their interest and get them moving. We all have a heap o’ livin’ yet to do. LET'S DO IT TOGETHER! I’ll share more soon about how you may benefit from my new calling as The Baby Boomer Babe. Be on the lookout for my next blogs.

Love ya!

Lady Lou,                                                                                                                             The Baby Boomer Babe

Lady Lou


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