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Hi from Lady Lou,

It’s Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. I have sooo much to be thankful for, including the fact that the septic tank saga is finally over!


NUMBER 1. The septic tank saga has FINALLY been resolved! My new septic tank system was installed this week, and is working! It only took 2 months to finally get this done. There were rain delays, scheduling delays because of my eye surgery, and other snafus too numerous to mention.

It was fascinating watching the whole process. I took about 175 pictures of the process. Here is a photo of the first of two tanks being lowered into the giant hole in my yard. (They are round. I thought they were going to be square.)

Lady Lou Septic tank installation

And, a photo of both 1000 gallon tanks in the ground. WOW! They look so good to me! Sounds kinda funny to be SO excited about septic tanks! But I am thrilled. These tanks will last for over 50 years - long after I’m gone. Thank You, GOD!

Cataract Surgery

Number 2.  I have my eyesight back! Yes, my vision had deteriorated so badly that I was on the verge of having to give up driving. I was down to one trip to town each week, just to grocery shop and run a few errands.

The first two weeks in November I had cataract surgery in both eyes, one week apart. My vision in the right eye is now 20-50, and a bit less in the left eye (can’t remember the numbers).

The doctor did an excellent job and I had no problems. He put in DISTANCE lenses! YEA! I can now drive without my glasses, and can see the computer without my 4.5 readers. I only use mild readers to read books. It is a MIRACLE!


Number 3. The third thing I am thankful for *IN ADVANCE,* is having the lane I travel to get to my house from the main road USABLE. I do not own this lane. The owner is very gracious and allows me to access my home from his property, as my place is landlocked. This lane used to be a county road, but was abandoned many years ago. I still don’t understand how come this man owns it. Oh, well…

Anyway, this little narrow lane has become a major thoroughfare for DUMP TRUCKS. The owner turned his 30 acres into a DIRT PIT, much to my dismay. Some days these big dump trucks make as many at 100 trips back and forth in front of my house. UGH!

The trucks have literally torn up this little lane, and there have been many days when I couldn't get out to go to the store, or anywhere else, because of a low spot in the lane that becomes a quagmire of wet clay when it rains. It is too deep for my little car to get through. I was literally stranded for 10 days a few weeks ago when we had a big rain storm. This photo was taken two days ago. IMPASSIBLE for me.

The owner of the lane is working on a plan to make this lane passable once again. None too soon for me!

I even had to cancel my Thanksgiving dinner party today with my friends because they could not get through the muck. I’m sad about this, but, making the best of it.       < sniff, sniff >

Lady Lou crying

That’s it for today. I am happy, healthy, and very, very thankful for all my BLESSINGS. I know you are, too.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

       ​P. S.  The septic tank installer, Cecil, was able to save the large round concrete lid                  off the old septic tank, and it is now going to be the pedestal for something                    pretty in my yard. I'll keep you informed.

Lady Lou,                                                                                                                                   The Baby Boomer Babe

Lady Lou