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Hello World!

This is Lady Lou, the Baby Boomer Babe! Comin’ to you from ‘deep in the Heart of Texas.’ I’m so glad you have joined me for this little adventure of  re-living some fond memories of old.


Yesterday a friend sent me a link and titled the e-mail “Let’s hear from the cricket... and a simpler time...” WOW! What fond memories this brought back!

Jiminy Cricket photo for Fond Memories

The link took me to a YouTube video of the song ‘When You Wish Upon a Star,’ sung by Jiminy Cricket, AKA Cliff Edwards. It's a delightful little video. Watch it here. This song is the theme song of the Walt Disney movie Pinocchio. Click here to watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing ‘When You Wish Upon a Star.’

This is a quote from one of the comments under one of the videos – “Cliff was the voice of Jiminy Cricket for around thirty years, since the origin of the character in Pinocchio [1940]). The song -- always in the top 10 of film song classics -- is undoubtedly his legacy.”


Yes, this little song surely takes me back to a simpler time when the world was a lot SLOWER and nicer. Guess that dates me, HUH! But, I don’t care. I loved those times, did you? When you click on that link to watch the video on YouTube, you will see a long list on the right of OTHER videos of people like Julie Andrews, Tony Bennett, and Louie Armstrong, also singing this same little song. WONDERFUL!

The little bouncing star in the Pinocchio video reminded me of Mitch Miller and his Sing Along with Mitch TV program (1961-1964). All these years I thought Mitch used a little bouncing ball on his songs. But, according to an interview Mitch did with Ms. Karen Herman, Director, Archive of American Television, they never used a bouncing ball, just lyrics. Read more here. Guess that shows how our memories can play tricks on us. Click here to watch Mitch.  

Mitch Miller photo for Fond Memories


You can enter almost any famous name, or song, in the YouTube search box and get more fond memories any time you want. I typed in Sid Caesar and got this - it’s a pantomime sketch featuring Sid and Imogene Coca as a pair of symphonic musicians performing Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" It’s from his legendary NBC comedy series "Your Show of Shows." Click here to watch. Have fun.

Heck, I can spend hours on YouTube just watching all kinds of  interesting people. Give it a shot sometime when you have lots of time. It’s well worth it, especially if you want to re-live wonderful fond memories!


Speaking of fond memories, in January I will be launching my Podcast program on Spreaker.com. There will be little ten to twenty minute audios of stories from my past. I'll put out the exact link soon so you can join me over there. Then, I will start making YouTube videos. Yep! Yours truly will join you on VIDEO from her farmette way out in the country!

You'll see just how zany I really am. My friend, Marian LaSalle and I, made a short test video recently. It's a bit fuzzy, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Click here.

That's all the fond memories for today. Please leave me a comment in the Reply box below. Let me know what your favorite Disney character is. Thanks. Also, please click on the FACEBOOK link below in my signature and join our Baby Boomer FaceBook Community. We'd love to have you.

See you soon. Good bye for now.

Lady Lou
The Baby Boomer Babe

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