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Hello from Lady Lou! Welcome to another episode of THE BABY BOOMER BABE Show, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas.

I have titled this podcast 'WHISKERS.'

Woke up at 5:30 this morning! DANG! Don’t know why I do this as I am NOT a morning person. Went to bed last night after midnight, so five hours was definitely not enough sleep for me – seven hours is my normal.

After lying there for thirty minutes, hoping to go back to sleep, I decided to get up and check the weather on TV. A cold front came in yesterday and the temperature was supposed to dip down into the upper thirties in Houston. That meant the mid-thirties or lower here in my area, North of Houston.

The reason I wanted to know how cold it had gotten overnight is because I had made the decision NOT to cover my plants outside. They were on their own.


Two weeks ago we had 3 nights below freezing, and my yard looked like ‘TENT CITY!’ 

Used every sheet I had in my linen closet, and a bunch of old towels to cover every plant I had slaved over all last summer. Didn’t want to lose them, or my investment in time and money. You probably know what I’m talking about if you are into growing stuff.

That time, the flowers and plants all survived, except my winter garden, even though I covered it. The tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkin plants expired! Oh, well... Can’t win ‘em all.


So, there I was, at six AM watching the local news to catch the weather. As I was sitting there in the semi-dark, I ran my fingers over my face. YIKES! My chinny-chin-chin was a mass of little bristly hairs! Oh, how I hate whiskers on my chin! YOU, too, I’ll bet!

I have often wondered WHY we women are cursed with bristly whiskers on our chins as we age. So, later that morning I Googled it, and here’s what I found – You’re gonna love it!


According to the research done by beauty director, Valerie Monroe, of O, The Oprah Magazine, is that it is HORMONAL. Yea, well, that’s nothing new.

A medical doctor Ms. Monroe spoke with, said PLUCKING and SHAVING have challenges, and so does LASER removal, which is expensive. AND ELECTROLYSIS is supposedly “only good for stray hairs.” 

WHAT? This doctor does say a certain prescription cream is good, but it must be applied twice a day for three months, then less often. Guess that’s not too surprising, as doctors make money every time we go to their office, and BIG PHARMA makes money when we purchase the CREAM - FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES!

I particularly loved that the doctor said the only reason older women SEE the hair on their face and chin, is because as their eyes dim with age they start using MAGNIFYING MIRRORS to apply make-up. OH, YES! I know I do!

GOOD GRIEF! That is only partly correct, because WE ALSO FEEL THE DARNED WHISKERS long before we can SEE THEM! OH, GEEEE! What rock has that doctor been hiding under?

The doctor went on to say people have to be REALLY CLOSE to your face to SEE the WHISKERS. NOT IF THOSE BUGGERS ARE WHITE AND A HALF INCH LONG, as some of mine have been!

She suggests standing at “arm's length in front of a REGULAR mirror” to apply your make-up so you don’t SEE them! HA! What a crock! It’s very obvious to me she’s YOUNG and still doesn’t have DIMMING eyesight and hair growing on HER CHIN! Just you wait, honey! YOUR time is coming.

As an experiment, I tried putting on make-up standing about TWO FEET away from a REGULAR mirror. Guess what? I knew it was ME in the mirror, but there was no way in H – E – DOUBLE - L I could apply mascara and eyeliner to my eyes. Sure, I could put on moisturizer and foundation. But the foundation was streaky when I checked it up close! So much for that! N-E-X-T!


Here’s a FUNNY! This other website I checked about chin whiskers suggested using, of all things, SANDPAPER, to remove the whiskers! Are you ready for THAT! M-E-E-E NEITHER!

The article said to get the FINEST textured sandpaper you can find. Grade 1000 is supposedly the finest if you decide to go to the hardware store to buy some. If I were you, I would NOT tell the salesclerk what you’re going to use it for! HA! He or she may think you have gone ‘round the bend!

Seems you are to wrap a small section of the sandpaper around your forefinger and tape it on, or, just hold a small piece of the sandpaper on your skin. Then gently rub your chin in a circular motion, being careful not to SCRUB away your skin!

After you’ve rubbed off the hair, you are supposed to use a moisturizing type of skin toner, not an astringent, as that will sting. The toner is to keep any contamination from oozing into your skin. Then, you use a thick moisturizer to put moisture back into your skin and keep down any scaly stuff from showing up on your chin. Oh, my goodness…

You’re only supposed to use sandpaper once a month to keep your skin from being damaged. Can’t you just see it now – this great big scab on your chin where you’ve scrubbed off the skin?

I really, really, DO NOT recommend this one.

You can also use a baby emery board to rub off those pesky whiskers, if you have one! GOSH!

There are all kinds of PRODUCTS the manufacturers have come up with to get rid of FACIAL HAIR. They are all great ways to PART you from your MONEY. CREAMS, LOTIONS, and POTIONS. They are CHEMICALS for the most part, and I, for one, am NOT going to put chemicals on my face that are strong enough to disintegrate facial hair.

A few of these items have shown up on those AS SEEN ON TV commercials.

There are even all kinds of crazy gadgets out there for hair removal. Save your money, ladies, and get the best pair of tweezers you can buy, and then PLUCK away. It’s EASY, and CHEAP! Yes, you will be tweezing the same hairs over and over, but I’ve noticed, you will eventually pluck the whole hair, root and all. But, then, another one appears!


I‘ve had this ONE PAIR of tweezers for over THIRTY YEARS. It’s a little scissor type tweezers with a slanted edge.

NO ONE is allowed to use these tweezers but ME! I guard them with my life! They have to last for at least another TWENTY YEARS. Maybe by the time I’m 90 people will overlook a few stray white hairs on my chinny-chin-chin. HOPEFULLY they will even take pity on me and tweeze them for me. Wouldn’t that be nice?

WOW! What fun Google is! I love going over there. I spent longer over there doing the research than I did preparing this podcast. But, as they say, “Knowledge is Power!”

I’ll close now as I have to go get my TWEEZERS and start tweezing those silly whiskers. Do YOU need to do the same? Check out YOUR chin, but, I imagine you’ve already done that, haven’t you? HA! Did ya find any? Oh, darn; better get those tweezers out and get busy. We ladies want to stay beau - ti - ful,  not HAIRY!

This is Lady Lou, The Baby Boomer Babe, saying good-bye for now. Please share this podcast with your Boomer friends.

See you soon.

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Lady Lou, The Baby Boomer Babe

Lady Lou
The Baby Boomer Babe



Here's a short video of a tour of the DIRT PIT near my home. The PIT is enormous and will eventually be a LAKE. One of my friend's named it "LAKE LOUISE!" HA!


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Hello World!

This is Lady Lou, the Baby Boomer Babe! Comin’ to you from ‘deep in the Heart of Texas.’ I’m so glad you have joined me for this little adventure of  re-living some fond memories of old.


Yesterday a friend sent me a link and titled the e-mail “Let’s hear from the cricket... and a simpler time...” WOW! What fond memories this brought back!

Jiminy Cricket photo for Fond Memories

The link took me to a YouTube video of the song ‘When You Wish Upon a Star,’ sung by Jiminy Cricket, AKA Cliff Edwards. It's a delightful little video. Watch it here. This song is the theme song of the Walt Disney movie Pinocchio. Click here to watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing ‘When You Wish Upon a Star.’

This is a quote from one of the comments under one of the videos – “Cliff was the voice of Jiminy Cricket for around thirty years, since the origin of the character in Pinocchio [1940]). The song -- always in the top 10 of film song classics -- is undoubtedly his legacy.”


Yes, this little song surely takes me back to a simpler time when the world was a lot SLOWER and nicer. Guess that dates me, HUH! But, I don’t care. I loved those times, did you? When you click on that link to watch the video on YouTube, you will see a long list on the right of OTHER videos of people like Julie Andrews, Tony Bennett, and Louie Armstrong, also singing this same little song. WONDERFUL!

The little bouncing star in the Pinocchio video reminded me of Mitch Miller and his Sing Along with Mitch TV program (1961-1964). All these years I thought Mitch used a little bouncing ball on his songs. But, according to an interview Mitch did with Ms. Karen Herman, Director, Archive of American Television, they never used a bouncing ball, just lyrics. Read more here. Guess that shows how our memories can play tricks on us. Click here to watch Mitch.  

Mitch Miller photo for Fond Memories


You can enter almost any famous name, or song, in the YouTube search box and get more fond memories any time you want. I typed in Sid Caesar and got this - it’s a pantomime sketch featuring Sid and Imogene Coca as a pair of symphonic musicians performing Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" It’s from his legendary NBC comedy series "Your Show of Shows." Click here to watch. Have fun.

Heck, I can spend hours on YouTube just watching all kinds of  interesting people. Give it a shot sometime when you have lots of time. It’s well worth it, especially if you want to re-live wonderful fond memories!


Speaking of fond memories, in January I will be launching my Podcast program on Spreaker.com. There will be little ten to twenty minute audios of stories from my past. I'll put out the exact link soon so you can join me over there. Then, I will start making YouTube videos. Yep! Yours truly will join you on VIDEO from her farmette way out in the country!

You'll see just how zany I really am. My friend, Marian LaSalle and I, made a short test video recently. It's a bit fuzzy, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Click here.

That's all the fond memories for today. Please leave me a comment in the Reply box below. Let me know what your favorite Disney character is. Thanks. Also, please click on the FACEBOOK link below in my signature and join our Baby Boomer FaceBook Community. We'd love to have you.

See you soon. Good bye for now.

Lady Lou
The Baby Boomer Babe

Lady Lou, The Baby Boomer Babe

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Hi from Lady Lou,

It’s Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. I have sooo much to be thankful for, including the fact that the septic tank saga is finally over!


NUMBER 1. The septic tank saga has FINALLY been resolved! My new septic tank system was installed this week, and is working! It only took 2 months to finally get this done. There were rain delays, scheduling delays because of my eye surgery, and other snafus too numerous to mention.

It was fascinating watching the whole process. I took about 175 pictures of the process. Here is a photo of the first of two tanks being lowered into the giant hole in my yard. (They are round. I thought they were going to be square.)

Lady Lou Septic tank installation

And, a photo of both 1000 gallon tanks in the ground. WOW! They look so good to me! Sounds kinda funny to be SO excited about septic tanks! But I am thrilled. These tanks will last for over 50 years - long after I’m gone. Thank You, GOD!

Cataract Surgery

Number 2.  I have my eyesight back! Yes, my vision had deteriorated so badly that I was on the verge of having to give up driving. I was down to one trip to town each week, just to grocery shop and run a few errands.

The first two weeks in November I had cataract surgery in both eyes, one week apart. My vision in the right eye is now 20-50, and a bit less in the left eye (can’t remember the numbers).

The doctor did an excellent job and I had no problems. He put in DISTANCE lenses! YEA! I can now drive without my glasses, and can see the computer without my 4.5 readers. I only use mild readers to read books. It is a MIRACLE!


Number 3. The third thing I am thankful for *IN ADVANCE,* is having the lane I travel to get to my house from the main road USABLE. I do not own this lane. The owner is very gracious and allows me to access my home from his property, as my place is landlocked. This lane used to be a county road, but was abandoned many years ago. I still don’t understand how come this man owns it. Oh, well…

Anyway, this little narrow lane has become a major thoroughfare for DUMP TRUCKS. The owner turned his 30 acres into a DIRT PIT, much to my dismay. Some days these big dump trucks make as many at 100 trips back and forth in front of my house. UGH!

The trucks have literally torn up this little lane, and there have been many days when I couldn't get out to go to the store, or anywhere else, because of a low spot in the lane that becomes a quagmire of wet clay when it rains. It is too deep for my little car to get through. I was literally stranded for 10 days a few weeks ago when we had a big rain storm. This photo was taken two days ago. IMPASSIBLE for me.

The owner of the lane is working on a plan to make this lane passable once again. None too soon for me!

I even had to cancel my Thanksgiving dinner party today with my friends because they could not get through the muck. I’m sad about this, but, making the best of it.       < sniff, sniff >

Lady Lou crying

That’s it for today. I am happy, healthy, and very, very thankful for all my BLESSINGS. I know you are, too.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

       ​P. S.  The septic tank installer, Cecil, was able to save the large round concrete lid                  off the old septic tank, and it is now going to be the pedestal for something                    pretty in my yard. I'll keep you informed.

Lady Lou,                                                                                                                                   The Baby Boomer Babe

Lady Lou



Do you ever have little adventures when you run errands and stuff? I sure do. Sometimes they are fun, and sometimes not so much fun.

An Interesting Day

Yesterday, as a case in point, was an interesting day. Had an appointment early that morning and got to drive through FOG! In Texas we periodically get heavy early morning fog. It comes when the ground is warmer than the air, or the air is warmer than the ground. Our daytime temps have been in the low nineties lately, so maybe the ground was warmer than the air. Either way, I do not like to drive in the fog.

I got there safely, and after my appointment I went to the pet food store to get cat food. My cats are very finicky and will only eat certain brands. DUH! Are your cats like that? Sure hope not. My late husband use to tell me about my cats - “They hungry, they eat!” Alas, I’m a sucker and chose to let them ‘train’ me as to what they eat; much like some children ‘train’ their parents to do their ‘beck and call!’​

On the way home I noticed the ‘tire’ symbol had popped on in my dashboard. OH, MY! Something must be wrong with one of my tires! So off I went to a different town to the Discount Tire Store. The young men (To me, anyone under 50 is YOUNG!) who work there are always so nice to me. I do have to admit I played the 'little old lady trick,’ as my Momma used to call it – I acted helpless and clueless as to what was wrong – but it was TRUE. I didn't know what was wrong! One of the men kindly checked the air in all my tires, added a few pounds and said I was good to go. The little light on my dashboard had disappeared. Aren’t men wonderful! They just know so much about mechanical things. WHEEE!​

Then I went to the bank to discuss my account. I waited in the lobby and when it was my turn a young woman called, “LOUIS?” (Using just a person’s FIRST name like that is NOT appropriate in my book, unless they know me. I’m of the old school and prefer to be addressed as Mrs. Dewey.) I was the only person in the lobby except for an older couple seated across from me, and they had just left her office so she knew it was not them she was addressing. She looked right at me as she said “Louis?” She knew I was a ‘girl,’ so why did she call me “Louis?” Doesn’t make good sense to me.​

I have spent half my life answering to ‘Louis’ at doctor’s offices and such. It seems the ‘E’ on Louise is invisible to a lot of folks – don’t understand it, so I just answer to ‘Louis.’ They don’t even seem to be surprised to see a woman rise and walk toward them. HUH?!?!​

Dale Carnegie Book

                                                                                                  Most people do not understand HOW IMPORTANT it is to call people by their correct name. Dale Carnegie, in his bestselling book HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE,* said, “Remember that a man’s [woman’s] name is to him [her] the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” I think I will start signing in at appointments as ‘Lady Lou’ from now on and see how that works! HA! Wish me luck!                                                                                                                     *If you would like to order a copy of this great book click on this link to Amazon - http://amzn.to/1nf9tCf. You may order a hardcover, paperback, or audio version here. ​

Wonder if my today will also be an interesting day? What will happen??? Bring it on, but only the fun stuff, please!​

See you next time right here,

Lady Lou,

The Baby Boomer Babe

Lady Lou   





                                                                         P. S                                                                                                                                     When I went to Google to get that photo of Dale Carnegie on the front cover of his bestselling book - HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE, I found this great quote. It made my day and I though you would enjoy it, too.

Dale Carnegie quote

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Favorite The Gift of Response-Ability

Hi from Lady Lou,

​I am so thrilled to have my dear friend, Karenbeth Glunz, as a 'guest blogger!' I have known Karenbeth for over 20 years and think the world of her. Today she is sharing with us about 'Response - Ability.' It is a whole different approach to how we treat ourselves.

The Gift of Response-Ability

Written by Karenbeth Glunz

​The gift you can give yourself each day is shifting from respons-i-bility (with the “i”) to Response-Ability. Responsibility with the “i” can frequently give permission to the “critical” part of you to throw a tirade.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The job of your “critic” is simply to criticize. The critic is sometimes trying to be helpful. Unfortunately, all self- criticism is self-abuse. Isn’t that radical?                                                                                                                                                                         One of my least favorite terms is “constructive” criticism. There is no such thing. All criticism is destructive. That is the reason that “responsibility” with the “i” is a shame and blame festival for our critic.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Remember Julie Robert’s character in the movie Pretty Woman saying …"It’s easier to remember the bad things that are said about you."                                                                                                                                                                                                          This doesn’t mean that we are perfect and may desire to make some changes. It does mean however that taking Response-Ability gives us the knowledge that we are “Able” to change in Response to that desire. There is a basic parenting tenet that states “Where did we ever get the notion that to have our children behave better, we have to make them feel worse.” The same is true for us! Why do we think that we have to feel bad about ourselves (criticism) in order create changes?                                                                                                                                                                                           The best way to inspire yourself to superior performance is to accept and allow everything that you do and are being, with an attitude of wholehearted support. This includes mistakes as well as successes. It means removing the language of “should, must, have to, need to” and substituting “get to”. Feel the difference when you say…”I need to go to the store.” versus “I get to go to the store”. “I should clean my house.” versus “I get to clean my house”. Doesn’t “get to” give the feeling of opportunity rather than drudgery?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Lastly, remembering that the Universe always conspires on our behalf and every moment of our life is happening “FOR” us (response-able) rather than “to” us (victim).                                                                                                                                                                                         

As an action of Response-Ability, are you willing to write out this statement and then sign and date it?

                                      I agree to cancel all criticism of myself and                                                 others. I am willing to support myself wholeheartedly                                                 and accept/love myself unconditionally.                                                                         Yea Rah Sis Boom Bah!”                                                               Signature _________________________Date _______________

You 'get to' put this signed contract on your mirror or refrigerator and read it every day for 21 days.

Kudos to Karenbeth Glunz!

THANK YOU, Karen Beth!What you have written makes good sense to me. What about those of you reading this? I feel the world would be a far better place without all the 'shame and blame.' I have already written out this statement and put it on my fridge, bathroom mirror, and my computer! I am ready and I accept the GIFT OF RESPONSE-ABILITY.

Karenbeth Glunz

                                                                                                                                            Here are Karenbeth's credentials and a couple of photos of her.

Karenbeth Glunz on horse

Karenbeth Glunz is a holistic teacher, author, and a mentor who partners with Spirit, body, and mind. Karenbeth had to learn to walk again after debilitating health challenges arose prompting her to engage in years of discovery and recovery. Degreed in communications/psychology, Karenbeth is an expert in how to use conscious energy in relationships. She helps people (actors, lawyers, speakers) overcome stage-fright, and business entrepreneurs to market and realize their dreams. She published her first e-book on Amazon - Let Your Children Potty Train Themselves. Her website is www.karenbethglunz.com, and email - glunzkarenbeth@gmail.com.

​Bye for now!

Lady Lou,                                                                                                                             The Baby Boomer Babe

Lady Lou





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Favorite Phenomenal Woman

Hello from Lady Lou,

Today, a dear friend sent me this poem, PHENOMENAL WOMAN, by MAYA ANGELOU. She had just read my Ramblin' with Lady Lou blog for the first time. Her name is Karenbeth Glunz. She is such a wise woman as she instinctively knew this poem was something I would understand and enjoy. 

Maya Angelou

                                                                                                                                                                                                Maya Angelou, a poet and award-winning author, was a real treasure to a lot of us, even Oprah Winfrey. The world lost her on May 28, 2014, at the age of 86. This poem, PHENOMENAL WOMAN, was originally published in Cosmopolitan magazine in 1978, and then republished in a collection of four poems in 1995. Dare I say, Maya was way ahead of her time? Read on and enjoy. At the end of this post I have put a link I think you will enjoy opening.


Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.                                                                         I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size                                                               But when I start to tell them,                                                                                                 They think I'm telling lies.                                                                                                         I say,                                                                                                                                       It's in the reach of my arms                                                                                                   The span of my hips,                                                                                                             The stride of my step,                                                                                                           The curl of my lips.                                                                                                                 I'm a woman                                                                                                                   Phenomenally.                                                                                                               Phenomenal woman,                                                                                                         That's me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I walk into a room                                                                                                                   Just as cool as you please,                                                                                                   And to a man,                                                                                                                           The fellows stand or                                                                                                                 Fall down on their knees.                                                                                                   Then they swarm around me,                                                                                                 A hive of honey bees.                                                                                                              I say,                                                                                                                                         It's the fire in my eyes,                                                                                                         And the flash of my teeth,                                                                                                       The swing in my waist,                                                                                                         And the joy in my feet.                                                                                                           I'm a woman                                                                                                               Phenomenally.                                                                                                                   Phenomenal woman,                                                                                                           That's me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Men themselves have wondered                                                                                           What they see in me.                                                                                                         They try so much                                                                                                                   But they can't touch                                                                                                               My inner mystery.                                                                                                                   When I try to show them                                                                                                       They say they still can't see.                                                                                                   I say,                                                                                                                                      It's in the arch of my back,                                                                                                     The sun of my smile,                                                                                                               The ride of my breasts,                                                                                                         The grace of my style.                                                                                                           I'm a woman                                                                                                                 Phenomenally.                                                                                                                     Phenomenal woman,                                                                                                               That's me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Now you understand                                                                                                               Just why my head's not bowed.                                                                                             I don't shout or jump about                                                                                                     Or have to talk real loud.                                                                                                         When you see me passing                                                                                                       It ought to make you proud.                                                                                                     I say,                                                                                                                                       It's in the click of my heels,                                                                                                     The bend of my hair,                                                                                                                 The palm of my hand,                                                                                                           The need of my care,                                                                                                               'Cause I'm a woman                                                                                                   Phenomenally.                                                                                                                 Phenomenal woman,                                                                                                           That's me.

Here is the link I told you about. It has the comic strip version of PHENOMENAL WOMAN. Enjoy. Click here - http://bit.ly/10L0ij3  

All the best to you,

Lady Lou,                                                                                                                                   The Baby Boomer Babe

Lady Lou





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Favorite Some of My Passions!

Hi from Lady Lou!

Over the hill there are rainbows

                                                              Recently I went to town to run some errands. As I drove along some questions flashed into my mind – “What am I passionate about? Do I even have any passions? Am I considered ‘OVER THE HILL.?"

I surely hope I'm not over the hill, but you know what? Life is a lot easier on the downhill ride! And, there are rainbows over on this side of the hill. YEA!

Some of my Passions

As I drove home that day I was listening to the radio tuned to a country/western station. I get a kick out of those ‘somebody done somebody wrong songs!’ The question of do I have passions is a topic I have given much thought to over the years. It seems to run parallel to the question “What do I want to be when I grow up?” HA! You would think at my advanced age I would have long ago discovered what I want to be. Actually, I have experienced  and experimented being a lot of fun people in my life. I would not trade any of them for ‘all the tea in China!’                                                                            Right now The Baby Boomer Babe is my favorite.

country western singer

​List of some of the ‘people’ I’ve been in my lifetime –

*Baby (Don’t remember much of this one, but I’m sure it was okay as I survived! HA!)                                                                                                                                             *Child growing up on a farm (Absolutely wonderful!)                                                                                                                                                                                                    *Teen-ager growing up on a farm, and then having to move to the BIG city at age 17 (Didn’t much like the second part.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 *Young working woman as a cosmetics sales lady in department and drug stores (Lovely experience!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               *Young woman getting married and moving to a new city (Part fun and part sad, as the marriage didn’t last.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           *Working married woman as outside saleswoman, and traveling sales lady - the 'Candy Lady.' (Loved this life!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           *Middle-aged woman losing second husband to cancer (A real bummer!)                                                                                                                                                                 *Widow Lady (Still living this one – DUH! It’s not all bad; a BIG learning curve.)

*The 'Queen of Networking' (one of the lives I really enjoyed!)                                                                                                                                                                                   *Senior citizen' (Enjoying this one immensely! Gotta lot of years left in this life experience, and I intend to make every minute count, thank you very much!)                                                                                                                                                             *Baby Boomer Babe (This is brand new as of late September, 2014. I eagerly await the adventures that have already begun to unfold every day.)

What is WPAPG?

​Anyway, this time I came up with an answer to ‘what am I passionate about?’ It was so easy I was astonished! I am passionate about ‘WPAPG. an acronym that stands for “WATCHING PEOPLE, ANIMALS, and PLANTS GROW!

                                                            There is nothing more fun and fulfilling than watching itsy-bitsy baby animals grow up and change into loving pets and farm animals.

White kitten

Tiny pink piglets

White lamb

I am thrilled watching seeds and tiny plants grow into beautiful healthy plants that either bear fruit, veggies, nuts or flowers! I see the miracle of life, and I see GOD’S hand in all of it.

Lemons on tree

Tomato plant

Toddler walking

                                                                                                                                                                                                My favorite is watching people grow and change before my eyes. People are so special and so unique. I have had the privilege of watching my great niece grow up. She is so tiny, but yet she is a perfect human being in every aspect. She is just about 18 months old now and walking, and just beginning to talk. She jabbers and it’s as if she just knows what she is saying. Unfortunately, she is the only one who knows. Soon, the words will be there and I will understand them, too. What a hoot!

So, there you have it, some of my PASSIONS! I adore being at this point in my life where I have the time and where-with-all to just observe all these things, and allow myself to grow in wisdom, kindness, understanding, and LOVE.

Yellow LOVE

Please send me a note in the box below about YOUR PASSIONS! I would love to know what yours are. Thanks.

Best wishes from

Lady Lou,                                                                                                                             The Baby Boomer Babe

Lady Lou





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Favorite The Septic Tank Saga!

Some days LIFE just sucks! Don’t ya know! I rarely have REALLY, REALLY bad days, just sorta bad. Guess I'm lucky that way! HA! Here is my sad tale of the Septic Tank Saga.

The Septic Tank Saga

Septic Tank

I live out in the country and recently found out my septic tank is going to have to be replaced. The one I’ve been using is dying a horrible death – it is only 50+ years old! DUH! Who said it could die? Not me! Gosh, it is going to cost BIG BUCKS for a newer, more modern version.                                                                                                                            This is a photo of the top of the old 500 gallon concrete tank. The lid is about three feet across, and maybe three inches thick. The tank is about four feet deep.

The new one will have two square concrete tanks and have a much bigger capacity - 500 gallons each, I think. The contractor will have to take a backhoe and dig a HUGE hole in which to bury them. My backyard will be a mess for a while until the WEEDS grow back. HA! Yes, my yard has very little grass, just plenty of sand burrs and other prolific weeds. Guess I will have to try sowing the area with some grass seed. That usually does not work because grass likes DIRT and my little 'farmette' is all sand, no soil. I call the place 'Sandy Acres. HA!

                                                                                                                                                                                          Years ago Erma Bombeck wrote a book titled The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank. If you are over 50 you will probably remember her. Click on this link to view her book on Amazon – http://amzn.to/1ums9B8                                                                                                                                                  Erma was such a funny lady and I loved her. Maybe I could write a book on How To Grow WEEDS! Should be a bestseller, right?

Erma Bombeck's book

Back to my story…

Anyway, I am not looking forward to next week when the new septic system is installed. I will take pictures of the process and put them in a new post so you will see what a major undertaking this is. The contractor will also have to dig the field lines (laterals) where the ‘gray water’ goes out from the tanks into the yard to be evaporated by the sun. This is the area Erma Bombeck was referring to where the grass gets very green because of the moisture it gets from the field lines.  

The man originally credited with inventing septic tanks, in 1860, was John Mouras. He lived in France. If you want to read more about these tanks click on this link - https://www.newtechbio.com/articles/history_of_the_septic_system.htm. Mr. Mouras was a genius. His concept of the septic tank was a very low maintenance, self-sufficient system.

The new 21st century version of septic tanks is the Aerobic Treatment System (ATS). They have two tanks, two electric pumps, and a sprinkler system to disperse the 'gray water' into the yard. One of the pumps runs 24/7. I am so glad I don’t have to put in that type. My nephew has one like that and has had so many challenges with it; plus the fact that his electricity bill is sky high! Click on this link to read more about the ATS - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerobic_treatment_system.     

If it is possible, I plan on having the contractor save the big round lid on my old tank. Hopefully it will not break when it is removed. It may be too brittle and just crumble. I will have to disinfect it thoroughly, and then plan to place it in my yard as a base for a beautiful birdbath or fountain. Can you just see that? HA! I’ll post a picture of that, too, if the lid doesn’t disintegrate. Wish me luck with my septic tank saga!

Until next time,

Lady Lou,                                                                                                                             The Baby Boomer Babe

Lady Lou





Please scroll down and leave a Reply in the box below. I would love to connect with you and get to know more about you. And, if you would be so kind as to share this blog with your friends on FaceBook, Twitter, or other Social Media sites, I would really appreciate it. The buttons are below - just click. Thanks.

Favorite The Baby Boomer Babe!

Well, here I go!. I’m reinventing myself, AGAIN! I love doing this. After all, my middle name is MSU! (That stands for ‘Make Stuff Up.’ I am very good at that!) I am now The Baby Boomer Babe!

The Baby Boomer Babe!

I have officially adopted the title, Lady Lou, ‘The Baby Boomer Babe!’ Yes, I know, generally a BABE is a young, sexy woman. Well, guess what? I ain’t young and I don’t consider myself all that sexy. But, that’s okay. I can still be a BABE, don’t ya think?

Lady Lou, The Baby Boomer Babe!

This is a photo of me, taken last week when I attended a wonderful 3-day conference in Houston, hosted by Michele Scism. This is the second time I have attended this event – TAKE ACTION – GET PROFIT$, and I fully intend to go again next year. Michele's website is – www.decisiveminds.com. Click on the link and be sure to sign up for her ‘freebie.’ This also puts you on the e-mail list to receive her very informative e-mails. 

This photo was also taken at the conference – left to right, Jena Rodrigues, Lynn Ruby, Marian LaSalle, Lady Lou, and Renu Agrawal. We are all vital and powerful businesswomen!​

The Baby Boomer Babe! at Michele Scism's conference

The ‘rest of the story’

This is the rest of my story... The week before I attended Michele’s event I created a vision for helping people, especially those of my generation, stay active, happy and productive. I include all those folks over 50, even though I am WAY over 50 myself. I feel my life experiences qualify me to share with others what I have learned. After all, we do not have to make all the mistakes in the world. We can learn from others, and lighten our own load. 

While I was at Michele's event, she and two of her wonderful coaches, Lynn Ruby and Debbie O'Grady, really helped me hone in on what and how I am to proceed with my new passion. They even helped me come up with my title - 'The Baby Boomer Babe!' THANK YOU, LADIES!

Definitions of people I have chosen to serve

  • Baby Boomers – Those who were born between 1946 and 1964 (Ages from 50 to 68.)
  • The Traditionalists – those born prior to 1946 (People approaching or already in their 70's or 80's. They have more free time to have fun and even start new businesses.)

Other Generations

  • Generation X – those born between 1965 and 1979 (These people are 35 to 49 and may find my information interesting.)
  • Generation Y – those born between 1980 and 2000 (They are 14 to 34 and may be too young to follow me.)
  • The Post Millennial – those born from 2001 to the present (They are 13 and younger - way too young to be following a granny like me. HA!)

“Act your age”

By reinventing myself as ‘The Baby Boomer Babe,’ I intend to offer those over 50 new hope that they, too, can continue to enjoy a lively and fulfilling life. Too often folks over 50, 60, and 70+ feel their life is almost over. This is a BIG LIE! Just because your children are grown and gone, maybe you’ve lost your spouse to divorce or death, maybe you're retired, your friends have moved away, or you have chosen to withdraw from the world, does NOT mean your life is over! I will turn 70 in 2015, and feel younger than ever. You can, too! It's all a mindset, and you can change it.

AGE is only a number, and if you buy into being OLD, shame on you! Whenever someone says to me “Act your age,” I say, “Sure!” Because I feel like i'm only 40, and am darn proud of it! Maybe when I turn 90 I will act a bit more sedately, but I’m not making any promises! My motto is “STAY YOUNG BY STAYING ACTIVE!” And that includes keeping my mind sharp and my body active.

I invite you to share this blog link – www.RamblinwithLadyLou.com with those women and men in your life who may be looking for something new to spark their interest and get them moving. We all have a heap o’ livin’ yet to do. LET'S DO IT TOGETHER! I’ll share more soon about how you may benefit from my new calling as The Baby Boomer Babe. Be on the lookout for my next blogs.

Love ya!

Lady Lou,                                                                                                                             The Baby Boomer Babe

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